Zantac Generic for Stomach Ulcer


Zantac Generic is a drug widely recommended as treatment for ulcer of the stomach and intestinal. This medicine also helps in preventingulcers from recurring once they are healed. This medicine is aneasily available treatment. It is also used in treating other stomach or throat related conditions like erosive esophagitis, Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, or GERD.

Generic Zantac: Mechanism

Zantac Generic is a drug which is based onRanitidine. This is a chemical component that can reduce acid quantity in the stomach; which is known to be the root issue behind ulcer. There are possibilities that people affected with this condition may experience symptoms like chronic cough, pain in the stomach, heartburn, and difficulty swallowing.Ranitidine is listed as an H2 blocker. It helps in soothing symptoms associated with the condition. The medicine may also help treat other issueslike heartburn, which is a prominent sign of extreme acidification in stomach.

Availability of the medicine:

This medicine, being a generic drug is easily available over the counter from local medicine stores and online pharmacies. That means that you need not show any prescription to buy this medication in its generic form. You must use this medicine as suggested by your doctor. You can purchase this medicine online at a cheaper cost.

Using the medicine:

This medicine is to be administered orally before or after food or as directed by your health advisor. Usually, doctor recommend this medicine once or twice every day. In some cases, it may berecommendedfour times in a day. Doctor often suggest one tablet in 24 hours. This dose must be taken after the last meal of the day or before going to bed.

The length of the treatment and dosages usually depends on the severity of the condition and also on how well your body responds to the treatment. For children, the doses adjustments are made by the doctor taking into account the weight of the affected child. You must not increase the dose of the drug without asking your doctor first. It is crucial thatthe medicine is administered daily on the same time.

Side effects of Generic Zantac:

This medicine is generally safe to be consumed, but in somerare cases it may cause side-effects. In some affected individuals, health irregularities such as head pain, constipation, and loose motions may occur. Some affected individuals may suffer from affected ocular abilities, easy bruising or bleeding, serious fatigue, enlarged breasts, darkurine, pale skin and/or eyes, fever, shivers/chills, soreness of throat, depression, hallucination, stomach pain, etc. In case these symptoms remaisn for over 24 hours, it is critical, and you should meet your doctor.

In extremely rare cases, Zantac Generic medicine may lead to serious allergic reactions. These issues may include symptoms likeblurred vision, welling of tongue, or difficult breathing. In case you experience any of such side effects,you should call for emergency help.

Precautions to be taken for using Zantac Generic:

Make sure to talk with your doctor about any allergies you have. It is crucial that your doctor knows your medical history. In case if you are using any other medicine inform your doctor. Avoid using alcohol if you are using this medicine.